Hi. Please help me with this made-up part of what supposes to be the outline of a section in a book. Could you help me by telling me when to use/put definite articles in the phrases below? Let us pretend the letters "XXX" represent a certain city or town. I realize the phrases might not make much sense without a clear context but wish I could get some help.

II. The Land Conquered

1. The conquest of XXX (could it be "Conquest of XXX"?)

2. Final conquest of the land (could it be "The final conquest of the land"?)

3. Violation of the treaty (could it be "The violation of the treaty"?)

4. The violation of the law of nonagression (For this, I think what follows the word "violation" gives somewhat specific information as to what has been violated. I can't give a clear reason as to why I would leave/put the definite article before the word "violation" but I would - if you asked me.)
I understand from your explanation that the 4 phrases are to be used as chapter titles for a book?
If this is the case then each of the phrases can start with or without "the" as you prefer. Think of headlines that you see in newspapers, they are for dramatic effect and do not need to be grammatically correct or form sentences.

I hope I have answered your question.
Thank you for your help.