Hi teachers,
These sentences come from two pictures from a story:
a) She is coming into the living room and is carrying a tray.
b) He's
carrying the girl in his arms.

My question:
Which one would be a good definition for the verb
carrying in both sentences?
a) holding while moving
b) moving from one place to another

I understand that bringing, is probably the closest, since she comes from the kitchen and the context (it's a tray) will convey the meaning that it is being carried in the hands. 'She is bringing a tray into the room.'
I just want to know if the definitions given are also natural.

Thanks in advance.
They are both definition "a". The other, "move from one place to another", does not apply; it would be used for things like "This train carries coals to Newcastle."
a)holding while moving
Is suitable definition for carrying in both sentences.
The verb bring defines carry in the first sentence only.
You can say:
She is bringing a tray into the room

but not:
He's bringing the girl in his arms.

The definitions are natural and correct.

wish that helps
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Thanks for your help.

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Hi ennon,
Thanks a lot for your help.

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