Hi teachers,

Please help me classify the students based on their degree of goodness

The highest level is excellent student ,next to excellent student is good student , next to good student is(x student ),next to (x student) is average student , next to average student is bad/poor student , and next to bad/poor student is very bad/poor student .

Please give me the appropriate words as replacements for (x student )

Thank you in advance
I don't see how you can have 2 grades below 'average' but 3 grades above average - you are a nice teacher! Average is supposed to reflect the middle.

Anyway, perhaps Excellent, very good, and good for the top 3.
By my count you have seven gradations of student. May I ask why this exact number? Why not six? Why not eight?
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Thank you teachers,

In all schools in my country , the teacher usually ranks a student as excellent , good , fairly good , average and bad . Are the words in bold are ok ?

Thanks and best wishes
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I think you'll find a bit of confusion with "fairly good" comparied to "good," and "bad" is quite harsh.

Excellent, Very Good, Good, Average, Poor or "Needs Improvement"

Just a side note: "Degree of goodness" sounds like how good, kind, and sweet they are. It sounds like their moral character, not their academic success.

How to rank student performance sounds better to me.
Thank you Grammar Geek .