To whom it may concern,

Please delete my private e-mail address and the info about my job from my profile. I do it, to no avail.

Thank you.

Hello, I deleted your job info but I don't see an email address.
I still can see my private e-mail address. Is it something compulsory?

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Yes but only you can see it, no one else can and you an opt not to receive any emails through this site via your profile settings.
Then what's the point in giving my personal e-mail address? I do not need to check my personal settings to find out what my personal e-mail address is. I know it by heart. So, if there's no point in giving my PERSONAL e-mail address (because noone can see it), could you delete it?

Thank you.

The point is so that in the future, if needed, you can recover your password. Otherwise the system cannot send you messages. You can change it to your WORK address if you don't want it to be your personal one.
Anyone who registers here has to give a valid email address to prevent spam, multiple accounts and other issues.
I don't understand what your problem is... any place you register you give your email address - this is a common thing in the www and this is not causing you any trouble is it?
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You can never tell that giving your personal e-mail address is causing/will cause you any trouble or not. Anyway, change my e-mail to Email Removed.

Putting your email in a post will cause more trouble than having it in a forum system where no one can see it Emotion: stick out tongue
You should be able to change your email address by editing your profile.

The system automatically removes emails from posts (as our guidelines state:
16) Please do not add personal details such as email addresses, phone numbers etc. in posts. We will end up removing these for your own protection.)
Oh, everybody can see:

Email Removed">Email Removed

I'll try to change it myself, then.

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