please help me delete this post

also how can I see my waiting-to-confirmed post? I made changes to the essay on that post but forgot to copy it so now I don't remember what I changed

It's our policy that we don't delete posts once they have received replies. I've merged the threads, so you can find your newer post in the same thread as the original.

I used the plagiarism checker and it lead to my post on this forum, I’m afraid that my school will think that my essay is copied, please help me

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One of the reasons why we don't delete posts with replies is that we want to help people who are trying to learn English, but sometimes people want to use us to help them cheat a little on their homework by getting us to correct their mistakes before they turn the assignment in. Another reason is that the advice a teacher gives you may also be helpful to someone else.

Even if I deleted the thread, it might still show up in plagiarism checkers for a few days, as the search engines don't update their caches immediately when a post is edited or deleted.

If your teacher accuses you of copying someone else's work, you can easily prove that you are "panda car 201" on by showing that you can log in to that account.