Dear Moderators,

I read in FAQ that one cannot delete his own post, if somebody has already answered it.

Now i have just made a post, and yet tehre are no answers.

I is very urjent for me to delete it.

Please, comment
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You've got two posts. Which one do you want me to delete? The one you posted today?
I cannot find ANY posts by you at all, danubenko. [:^)] Have you deleted it yourself already? If no, can you give us a link to it?
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I see you've edited the content, so it's now obvious which one you wanted to have removed from the forums.

I've deleted the post for you.
hey Ruslana, thaaaanks verry much!!! indeed i managed to edit it just after writting to you!

Thanks again
You have to say thanks to Tanit as well - she deleted the post. Emotion: wink
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can you please delete all my posts thanks heaps
Hey Stella, I deleted your post that had no replies. The other ones do have them so I'm sorry - we don't delete posts like that.
hello Please I wanna delete my posts of yesterday and today how I can do it please ?
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