Hello:) I am so sorry to ask for this, but can you please delete my post? I posted my motivational letter which I need to send to the university, but they are not going to accept it because of "Antiplagiat". It's on the Internet now, so the program says that I plagiarized my motivational letter from this site ( where I posted it in order to check) I am so sorry but it's really urgent.
You can restore it after I got accepted:) Please, I really didn't think about this problem.
The problem you face with this is that deleting a post here does not immediately remove it from Google's memory. It may remain there for weeks or months, and a Google search will find it. We have no control over this. If it is taken down here and someone follows the link they will see a message saying either that the post no longer exists, or that they don't have permission to view it (depending on whether it has been deleted or just hidden). If they search for it in Google Cache they will be able to see it as it originally appeared, including your username. If they don't check Google Cache they will only know that your letter was posted on this site but has now been taken down. They won't know who wrote it. If your username is your real name, or something close enough that it is obvious that you are the person who posted, you might be better off leaving your post here alone and adding a note to your letter letting them know that you posted it here. If your username does not match your real name, we can change it for you if you wish. We could also edit your post to include information specific to you that would clearly indicate to the college admissions officer that you are the original author.

Let me know what you would like me to do.
Thank you so much for your explanation! Yeah, I would like to change my name into Yelizaveta Tolstenko and edit my post with some specific information. ?:)
Thank you again for your patience!
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Thank you so much for your explanation! Yeah, I would like to change my name into Yelizaveta Tolstenko and edit my post with some specific information.Emotion: smile
Dear Sir or Madam,
I wish to apply for the Jurisprudence program starting September 2017.
I am a high-school student with excellent grades and significant academic achievements, and I would love to bring my endless enthusiasm and passion to your school.
I always consider myself to be Russian since I am half-Russian and my father’s homeland is Buturlinovka, a small town in the Voronezh region.
Since my early years, I have liked the spirit of competition and even tough challenges make me happy because I do enjoy the strength it gives me. As an example, I won first place in the final national stage of the Olympiad in History and third place in the final national stage of the English Olympiad. Overall, I believe that the process of achieving something on my own was even more beneficial for me than the victories themselves. My results in English were not satisfactory for me, though, so I worked hard to improve, and consequently, I scored 7.5 in IELTS this year.
I have several experiences in foreign countries. I spent about a month in Great Britain studying in a boarding school and about 2 weeks in a Polish summer camp thanks to winning an art contest.
Some years ago, an incident at school gave me insight about what kind of person I want to be in the future. One of my classmates had a major issue with a teacher at our school, was bullied by other students and eventually was made to leave. There was a moment when I was in despair because of my inability to change the situation, and that feeling pushed me to realize that my true vocation is to help innocent people, to fight for their rights and to support them. Thus Law specialty seems to match my nature most of all.
Born and raised in a tiny town, I realize that it can be a struggle to get as good an education as in larger cities, especially when it comes to foreign languages. In the future, I want to contribute to the development of education in regional areas in Russia and provide all students with equally available access to learning resources regardless of their geographical location or social status.
Oprah Winfrey once said that one’s primary goal in life should be « to fulfill the highest, most truthful expression of yourself as a human being». In my view, studying at the Higher School of Economics will allow me to do so in the best possible way. In my opinion, the updated way of applying for international students shows the university is a very democratic educational establishment. The fact that the Higher School of Economics has grown into one of the best universities in the country over two decades is a testament to the high level of teaching and depths of knowledge that can be obtained there.
Thank you for considering my request, and I look forward to your positive response.
Yours faithfully,
Yelizaveta Tolstenko

Thank you again for your patience!
OK, your name has been changed. I'll do some editing to your original thread.
I've edited your original post and teechr's reply. Please take a look and see if it's satisfactory.
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Perfect! Thank you so much!:)
You're welcome. I hope your application is successful.