Hello Moderator Tanit,

Please delete my posts below that have not been answered. I have changed my mind because of personal reasons.

Post 1. Subject= Forum Letter.

Posted in= General & Business Letter Writing.

Post 2. Subject= Editing of letter to publisbher.

Posted in= ESL Geneneral English Grammar Quetions.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you.

With best wishes.
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Hi Bhikkhu,

As requested, I've deleted those posts of yours.
However, please bear in mind that some search engines might have a cached copy, so they might be still available somewhere for some time.

Can you delete the thread I created on the Callan Method on the 'EFL, TEFL, DELTA, CELTA, Teaching Jobs' section please. I have re-posted it on the appropriate 'TEFL' forum. Thanks.
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Hi and welcome to the Forums!

Done Emotion: wink
That thread is still there. I wanted it removed entirely from that sub-forum (spelling errors as well as being posted in the wrong sub-forum). I re-posted the same topic (with a few changes) in another sub-forum ('TEFL' section), but it got removed because it was a duplicate thread. I wanted to keep it. Do you see what I'm trying to say?

I don't quite understand. Your thread is in the "Teaching English (TEFL) section ", and has been there since yesterday afternoon.
When I moved your first post from the "teaching jobs" forum to the "TEFL" one, your other post (the second one, I mean) had already been deleted and I am currently unable to locate it. So, if there are any spelling mistakes that you would like to fix, please send me a PM containing the correct version and I will change your post.
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Hello Tanit,

Please be informed that Xanthe has used the same thread title as mine; as a result, her thread was wrongly recorded in my thread. My problem of deleting my posts was resolved by you on Sat, 05 Jul 08 10:37 AM, but I am only unsure whether some search engines may have some cached copies somewhere for some time. I hope you can rectify this issue as well as Xanthe's mistake as soon as possible. Please not that I have discovered Xanthe's mistake when I was checking my e-mail.

Thank you.

With best wishes.
Hi Bhikkhu,

I noticed that. Thank you. Emotion: smile
Hello Moderator,

Please delete my posts below that have not been answered.

letter of support for my sister to Immigration director

Lisa0512 +Add as a community friend (missing image) #542730 Thu, 17 Jul 08 05:29 AM

letter of support for my sister to Immigration director
Anonymous +Add comment (missing image) #542726 Thu, 17 Jul 08 05:19 AM

I have no idea how I posted same message twice. Anyway, please delete both.

Thank you,

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