I have to write the opposite of "delicious".

Would anybody help me?

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Hello again H.

You could say:

1. The apple pie was delicious. The cook had made it that very morning, with fresh apples and fresh spices.

2. The apple pie was disgusting. The cook had made it with rotten apples, and with salt instead of spices.

Others may suggest other 'opposites'!

3. The apple pie was insipid. The cook forgot the spices. (Note that this cook is not insane, just forgetful)

4. The apple pie was distasteful, repugnant, repellent, vapid, flat, flavorless, dull, wishy-washy, inane, jejune, banal. The cook consulted Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Synonyms and Google/define tool.
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'Google/define tool'-- I just did a quick search for this and couldn't find it, Elena. Could you tell me where it is and how you work it for synonyms/antonyms?
Yes, sure,
I type 'define: .....'
Different meanings are displayed, not synonyms, but you can find them in the explanations.
Oooh, that's neat! Thanks, Elena. I really must explore Google more. I have the 'Advanced Search' page tabbed, so I have only been using that.

Now I think I'll go back and find out what in heck 'froogle' is. . .
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My pleasure.

Another useful way: type 'photos: .....' and just pages that contain photos of the subject you are interested in will appear.

'define:' is great, to check spelling, to discover unexpected meanings and uses, and it is quick.

When you find 'froogle', let me know Emotion: big smile, wherever it is...
How about bad-tasting?
Hi Hanuman

Why don't you use "thesaurus.com"?

This says the antonyms of "delicious" are; distasteful, gross, unappetizing, unsavory, yucky.
Personally (as an English learner) I have memorized only "distasteful" and "unsavory" as the antonyms of "delicious".

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