Hello ELT world! Emotion: smile

I am just about to start the intensive DELTA course for the first two modules, about 2 months! and have decided to do Mod. 3 online. Anyone here has done the DELTA? any advice before I do the course? Thank you guys, I cannot forget all of your encouragement before my CELTA last year! You are so helpful, I mean it!

Thank you!


Sorry Sib. I have only done the CELTA but I will be interested in the answers you get. I have about another year beofre I go for the DELTA. Anything that you learn and advice you have after doing it then please pass on.

Thanks Dave.

Edit - Don't you have to have 2 years of teaching at CELTA level before doing the DELTA? I just noticed that you mention you qualified last year. We were told that by our CELTA trainers but I haven't seen that stated anywhere else.
Hi Dave,

Yes, you are right, the guidelines say it shouldn't be before two years have passed since completing the CELTA. I did know that, I applied for the course and mentioned the date of my CELTA; as they knew my CELTA tutor very well and I got a quite good recommendation from him, they accepted me with such a short post-CELTA exprience! They are not rigid rules, you know it! Go for it! Emotion: smile They may accept you:)! Thanks for the support by the way!

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Hi guys,

This week is gonna be the last week of Mod. 2, and my last lesson,the external one is on Tues. please please please wish me luck, this one is themost important one!!! If anyone fails the last one, gonna fail the course,

wish me luck please!

By the way the DELTA is really really demanding! I just cant breathe! Im looking forward to the last LSA:)

wish me luck

Good luck. Maybe when you've finished it you can send me some of the stuff you had to do for me to prepare.
Hi Emotion: smile

I'd be glad to help, no problem! we still have to work on some assignments though, because the portfolio is submitted in Dec.

I am so happy now! Cannot believe I did it! wow! Hop

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Great. Well done. Everybody that I know that has done it and somee have completed even higher qualifiication say it is the hardest thing they have done. Have a drink on me.Emotion: beer