Hi guys,

I just need the confirmation from you that I understood right what role plays this department in the live of the US citizens. Please are they just controling the quality of the products produced by the businesses in the US? Belong to their duties the controling of the prices of the rent dictated by the owners of the buildings? I found just very general informations abour this department, so if you can give more informations about it, it would be great. I can't believe that in US is just one L&I in Philly....:-).

many thanks.
It is entirely possible that there is an agency called the "Department of License and Inspections" in Philadelphia that controls certain things which elsewhere are controlled by agencies with different names, perhaps "Department of Inspections and Licensure" or heaven only knows what. Licensing requirements for various things are controlled differently from state to state, county to county, and city to city in the U.S. Plus, some things are controlled at the federal (national) level, some at the state level, and some at the county or city level.
Thank you D!

From the information which I found on the internet, I wasn't able to determine whether this is some kind of department, which controls your whole country or whether it's just specific for Philly. But your post gave me an answer for this. Because I suppose that you would be familiar with the name of this department, whether they would be controling the quality of the products in your neighborhood..:-). Well, I take it as this department is just specific for Philly.

Many thanks, D !!