department of urology ( or ) Department of Urology
when writing a case reference letter to the american doctor they ask our department to write in small letters ( department of urology). is it the correct way to write ??
If you are speaking of any such department or are just describing your department, then use small letters, but if that is the actual name of the department you are referring to, then it should be capitalized.
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Hi Studentmdl,
If you are referring a patient/patient's case sheet to the American doctor in USA, you must use small letters. Please follow the difference;
1. department of urology - American way of writing.
2. Department of Urology - Indian way of writing.

Some more examples;
iccu - American way
ICCU- Indian way

You need to follow the rules and regulations as preferred by your doctor/super specialist.
ok thanks vsrao
My pleasure, studentmdl.
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