In an organisation:

Department > Division


Department < Division ?

What is the difference between department and division?


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A division is normally much bigger than a department, but there is no rule: companies designate their units as they wish.
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You would not able to tell the difference (esp which is larger) before seeing the exact structure of a given company. As MM said, it varies.

Some organizations may not use one or the other.
In the official government structure, a department is bigger than division. A division is bigger than branch or Bureau. i.e. Health Department Environmental Health Division Bureau of Children's Environmental Health. This is widely adopted. You would normally think it is IT Department, contains Infrastructure Division then Network Engineering Branch. However, I have also seen a CIO call his IT Department as IT Division with Infrastructure Department and Application Department, that just doesn't sound right.
Department is considered as a cost center while division is treated as a profit center. Division is accountable for both income and expenditure , while depertments work on only one side of accounting either income or expenditure.when we make depertments responsible as profit centers these are generally called divisions.
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The Department of the Army has multiple Divisions!
i think there's a difference when applied in the private sector companies, as fiollows:

a devision is a more 'technical' term, ex. cleaning devision, knitting devision, cutting devision...
a department is an 'administrative' term, ex. marketing departmen, finance departmen, HR departmen...
this is the best definition i've got. it makes sense.
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