...quick question.

Which of the following sentences is correct or best and why:
(Of course, if you think there is a better way to capture this idea, please feel free to suggest a completely different sentence Emotion: smile

"Dependent on the task described, you may see references to only one of the two applicable products."


"Depending on the task described, you may only see references to one of the two applicable products."

...thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions you can offer me.

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To answer this question I would definitely need a context.
This sentence is taken from a technical manual that is meant to serve as a reference for two different products. The author used this sentence simply to inform the reader that sometimes, although a set of instructions will apply to both products, only one will be specifically mentioned.

...does that make sense or am I still being too vague?

I guess I could just cut-and-paste a portion of the text into a post but I don't know if that would help or just put you to sleep. Emotion: smile


"Software Release 2.5 supports both the X Series product and the Y Series product. Dependent on the task described, you may see references only to the X Series product"
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Depending is more appropriate, stevieEmotion: smile because it is a present participle used in a phrase to modify the main clause ' you ' .

The same goes with ' dependent ' but it gives a sense of a state and not so much on the reason why you see references .....
Still to vague.
Thanks! Emotion: smile

...any advice on the placement of the word "only" in the sentence?
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still vague.
' either ' seems fit to substitute ' only ' in the ' dependent .... ' sentence.
Are you talking about a quiz or sth?
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