Depending on what type of credit card you sign up for, you can receive different perks.

How 'Depending on' is used? (What is a structure of the sentence?)

Can 'Depending on' be split?
We can approach this type of sentence construction 2 different ways. One is just written in your post, and the other is to state the main idea first, such as the following:

You may receive different perks, depending on the kind of credit card you've signed up for.
"Depending on...." is a participle phrase and its function is adverbial.

Thank you for your reply.

You said one is written in my post. You mean 'depending on' can be split? I just guessed and don't know how it is split or how it works..

Could you please explain it furtherEmotion: big smile?
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Referring back to my earlier comment, we can put the participle phrase at the beginning of the sentence, or at the end, [depending on] the context and preference.

The price of this car may vary, depending on options.
Depending on options, the price of this car may vary.

Both are equally grammatical.