If there's ever been something I'm not good at, well, that's describing people. I know it may sound a bid silly, but no matter how hard I try, I always make a long list which is really boring and quite useless.

Can someone help me? I'd like to know how to write down one's description and learn some new word/ways to describe people.

Anything would be much appreciated.


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In what sort of context? Do you mean in writing? In fiction? Or if you want to describe a real person so that someone else could recognise them?
In writing.

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Well the best way to describe someone in fiction is to do very little direct description at all but build up a picture from other people's comments and thoughts and their actions.

For example 'She had long brown hair' is a bit dull and brings the reader out of the story with a bump. Telling us

'As she passed the mirror she paused to check her hair. "God it needs a cut" she thought, turning to peer down her back at the ends. "not only split ends, but the bottom is a completely different kind of brown to the top where it's grown out so much. I'll make an appointment tommorrow.'

This not only tells us she has long brown hair, but that she hasn't been taking care of it...but she seems to care about its appearance...perhaps she has been short of money....but she can go to the hairdresser now....I wonder why......hmmmm...a bit of insight into her life.
You didn't get what I mean.

I am really good at that kind of writing, but I can't write a present-tense-only description, for example by looking a photo and imagining things about one's personality or physical attributes. Emotion: sad

Ah well, that's your imagination muscle needing a work-out and only practise will help you get better at it.
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I've really made a great effort in trying to make a good description, but I think that my poorness might be due to my little vocabulary.

May you suggest me some adjectives?

Hit a good dictionary or thesaurus and it will come up with lots of new alternatives for you.

Or do you use Word? If you highlight a word and hit shift and F7 you will get lots of help.

Example 'slim'.

Adj thin, trim, slender, slight, lean, wiry

Anotonym fat
I don't use Microsoft's Word Nona. I'm currently using the OpenOffice pack, I find it quite better than the Microsoft's. However I'll try to surf the net and look for some fresh words. Emotion: smile

Thanks again,

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