Could anybody look through my lesson plan and make some comments and give advices? Your help would be appreciated. I struggle with anticipated problems and solutions. It was an assigment for a TEFL course module.
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Lesson Plan

Level : Elementary

Lesson Length: 45 minutes

Objective: To be able to describe person's physical appearance.

Target Language: Subject+ verb to be+ adjective
Subject+ have/has got+ adjective+ noun
Subject+ verb to be+ ing

Assumed Knowledge: Students at this level will know parts of the body, colours and clothing. Sentence structures as he/she/it is; he/she has got.

Anticipated Problems: Some of the problems at this level could be confusion between the use of the verb to be and the verb to have.

    Solutions: During presentation stage point out that "has got" is used only with he/she/it.

Preperation and Aids: Blackboard, flashcards, poster, pictures, worksheet for homework.

Lesson Plan

Stage Activity Interaction Timing

1. Warmer "Find someone who (has got blue t-shirt, red trousers, etc.)" T-S 5min
Revision of last lesson.

2. Use flashcards to elicit new words: T-S 3min
build => thin/fat;
hair => long/short, straight/curly/wavy, blonde/red/brown/black;
facial appearance => big/small nose/ears/mouth; verb 'to wear'

3. Elicit sentences using "He/she is...(build); He/she has got..(hair, facial appearance); S-T He/she is wearing...(clothing). Poster(girl and boy) is hanged on a board. Flashcards with new words are hanged around. Vocabulary and declarative structures using "be" , "have" and "be+wearing" are introduced. 5min

4. Drill chorally and individually. Use pictures of children. Pay attention to usage of pronouns "he/she". As well, structures using "be" , "have" and "be+wearing" T-S-T 3min

5. Pairwork. Students get picture to describe a same person. PW 4 min

6. Check their work chorally. S-T-S 2 min

7. Students draw a picture of a class mate.Drawing shouldn't be disclosed to anyone. S 4min

8. Pairwork. Sitting back to back with a partner. Describe picture (paper shouldn't be disclosed). Partner will listen and draw picture on his paper. PW 5 min

9. 4-5 students will present their pictures to the whole class using the structures: He/she is...(build); He/she has got...(hair, facial appearance); He/she has got...(clothing). Other students will guess who is it. S-S 10min

10. Play true or not usind descriptions of build, hair, facial appearance, clothing. T-S 3min
Ask students to respond if you've got blonde hair/you're tall/you've got brown eyes.

11. Set worksheet for homework. T-S 1min

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