What is the difference between Descriptive words and non Descriptive words, which one is preperable while writing a letter or essays.

i would greatefull to you if you could provide some example on the aforesaid words.


I think that it is being suggested that you use appropriately descriptive words, Posha. When you are writing, avoid vague words (mostly adjectives) like 'good, nice, wonderful, terrible, great, interesting' and other words that carry very little real meaning, and look for words that better describe what you want to say.

For instance, instead of 'we had a great trip to the zoo', write 'we had an educational trip to the zoo'.
descriptive words really tell you about something. Non-descriptive words are almost fluff with which you make your sentences longer.
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Emotion: wink descrptive words are great
descriptive words describe descriptive is better for essys and letters[H]Emotion: angry