This quiz is part of a past paper, which means it appeared in a real exam (in June 2004). It’s Part 1 (Selective cloze) of Paper 3 (Use of English) of the ESOL First Certificate in English (FCE) of the University of Cambridge, taken approximately at the upper-intermediate level.



To most people, the word ‘desert’ means sand, a hot sun, camels and the occasional palm tree. And there is nothing wrong with that picture in general, for the fact that this describes only one type of desert.

The truth is that sand deserts only a very small proportion of the world’s dry lands. Many deserts are vast expanses of stony ground, covered with thin plants. Others of rocky mountains, with hardly a leaf in . Each type is by a combination of temperature, rainfall and wind conditions. There are hot deserts and cold deserts, deserts where rain has never been to fall and deserts that have up to 10 cm of rain a year. Deserts are varied. They are also to millions of people, more than 5,000 kinds of animal, and a huge of plants.

The size of some deserts is difficult to . The Sahara Desert covers more than 9 million square kilometres, which it more than sixteen times the size of Great Britain. In the great deserts the days are exceedingly hot, while night temperatures plunge to zero. These extreme of temperature mean that surviving in the desert is difficult for all of life.
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I had 5/16.
Yes I know, my English is Terrible.
i want to learn more english because I think it's important in your life.
On school I have 2 houres engels in a week.
But I don't understood anything of it.
That's why I tried it here.

Have anyone more ideas for me ? to learn english ?

You scored 10 out of 16

Not too good, but I'm trying to learn more!
Principally because I'll try to do the FCE exam next year o/
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I think this is quite an advanced test so don't be too upset if you didn't score as highly as you hoped.

As a native speaker most of the answers were so obvious that I could predict the right one even before looking at the options - but there were still one or two that I had to think about to find the 'best' option. A lot of the answers were just a case of knowing which is idiomatic - and that is something it takes a while to learn.
Emotion: crying, I scored 10/16. It's bad
16/16. A few of the answers were tricky...so good test Emotion: smile
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I got 14 / 16..

I think its not bad ... but main problem occurs when i speak in english. nyway it was a great test...thanks everyone
It was a great test. it helped me a lot as I was just looking for this kind of tests all over the web before i found EnglishForward.com. Thanks Tanit.
I got 11. I will come back to this test after I pactise more.
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