These days a sedentary lifestyle has been receiving a great deal of public attention. Although this issue can be attributed to by a whole host of reasons, and some feasible should be taken into account to tackle it.
Firstly, lifestyle without physical exercises may result in higher risk of gaining diabetes or obesity. It is clear that long periods of physical inactivity raise a risk of becoming overweight. This is because people burn fewer calories and easily gain weight. Secondly, physical inactivity leads to unhappy circumstances for most people. If people don't do regular physical training,which makes their body become weak and unattractive. Furthermore, this may cause people to turn to some bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol. This will have even more serious negative ramifications for an individual.
There are several actions that could be taken to eradicate the problems described above. Firstly, a simple solution would be to promote active lifestyle. In fact, one should try to include a couple of household chores in their day to day life that involves minimize usage of technology. For instance, washing clothes manually rather than using washing machines. Moreover, inactive lifestyle is gaining popularity because nowadays a lot of people prefer passive rest to workouts in the gym. Therefore, the best way to avoid the risk of unhealthy living is to obtain a regular dose of physical activity.
In conclusion, even though this sedentary lifestyle causes a lot of health problems, the most effective solution is to increase the level of fitness among the society by advertising physical activity.


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