Is there such a use? If yes, why do you use it instead of "despite the fact that"? If no, what about these sentences?

- Only touch screen navigation, no spot light : despite of the fact that it shoot better without it than others


- Despite of the fact that you listen their music or not, there are some things that are eternal, which is obvious in this case.


- Somebody who has yet to pack it in is Howard Dean. He is defiantly staying in this race, despite of the fact that he's done poorly just about everywhere.

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See the last example. But here despite is a noun:

Function: noun

3 : an act showing contempt or defiance <to say that these habitually coincide is surely doing despite to our judgment -- T.S.Omond> : HARM<I know of no government which stands to its obligations, even in its own despite, more solidly -- Sir Winston Churchill> <when, in despite of American opinion and interests, things go awry -- D.W.Brogan>