Ok this is killing me and i dont have time to figure it out.

goes like this:

Im going on a trip i go to Boston and then Raleigh for four nights then New Hampture then Colorado for four nights then Seattle where am I going?

Answer Denver but I want to know why!!!!!!

if you know the game or figure it out please help me
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Okay so you take the first letter of the city or country or whatever. So, Boston B. Then Raleigh for 4 nights. So, you have B-R. Now the days and nights are the vowels. You have 1 day-A, 2 days-E, 3-I, 4-O, 5-U, and some people do 6 days-Y. So now you have B-R-O. New Hampshire-N. B-R-O-N. Colorado for 4 nights. B-R-O-N-C-O. Last Seattle. B-R-O-N-C-O-S. Now I'm not sure if that is a word. Well, anyway some people will spell the name of the place, but most times it is the name of something famous in the city. So if I spelt "cheese" then they would know I'm going to Wisconsin.

Have fun!!!
Denver broncos is the football team there
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I'll try
You take the first letter each city and use the days as vowels (1 day is A, 2 days is E etc.) And you are spelling out a team name aka Denver broncos.


Then first letter of each place.

When it says how many nights use the vowel from that number

So in your example it is

BRONCOS. They are from Denver

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You aren't supposed to tell anyone how to figure it out! They need to do it on their own. That's the whole point of this game....

print it



four night is the letter O because your backtracking four letters from r

New Hampshire


Four nights again equals O


B R O N C O S the answer is Denver meaning the Denver Broncos

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