Sometimes I hear people saying this:

"what 's destined to be yours in your life will be yours at last

what's not yours,don't try make it to be yours"

It's an idiom of my mother language,

and it is always used in topic like "love"

I don't know what is the similiar idiom or proverb in english.

Can you help me?
What will be, will be.
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Thank you!
I like the fate, the destinity of your mother tongue. But in my country, there are two these sentences that is derived from this idea. If you have the charm, you'll meet each other in spite of the farther distance; If you didn't have the charm , you wouldn't tolerate each other though you face one another.It means If you have a chance to be loved,in spite of the distance , you 'll meet her. If you hadn't a chance to be loved , you would be bored to meet her. And in English ,It may be ; What will be will be! It seems to belong in France ,I think we should up to date; Moment in time. Do you hear Moment in time of Whitney Houston .And I feel and I feel eternity.............? <,I was born under a star or a sign [Eastern} like you. I was a princess on the stage but you were a princess in reality.> I hope you won't wait your destinity,but you'll catch moment in time to make your life happier.

Phuong Ninh