Well, I'm not saying that English Literature is deteriorating. But when you think about it, books of today have lost a sense of structure that gave english an artistic feel. When you compare the classics from the popular books of today, anyone can tell the obvious difference. I personally love the classics. Scott Fitzgerald, Margaret Atwood, Louisa May Alcott, Charles Dickes, Jane Austen, John Steinbeck, these are the people whose literature we are supposed to study in school. I must admit that I am not a big reader, but I couldn't help but notice how different the writing style is from these authors to the authors of today. I dislike today's authors, starting from J.K. Rowling. After reading Little Woman, I was forced to read Harry Potter, and I disliked J.K. Rowling's writing style. Not because it was too casual, but because it lacked a poetic and artistic feel. I believe that literature is art, yet the literature of today have declined in artistic quality. It has been more about the story as opposed to the structure and the story combined.

The book that totally made not want to read any more modern literature is Stephanie Meyers' Twilight. Don't take me wrong, I liked the basic story line, and I like how cute their relationship was. But it was hard to see the artistic quality in the structure of the book. What happened to the metaphors, similes, alliteration, and the rest that could make any be hightened.

Please give your opinions
I don't have a degree in English so I don't study much about classic novel authors writing. I guess different authors have different styles; however, I know the classic novels have tremendously quality than the current bestsellers, though read only a couple.

So, isn't that good enough to think English Literature deteriorating. I don't know. May be today books are written for different audience. They don't need much how to make a reader to sympathy the main character in the book. I guess if you read a bestseller for fun, but if you read classic you learn a lot.

Isn't it Robinson Crusoe the first book that other authors tried to write like that? Me, I have never read the book. I think it will be bored me to death. Nevertheless, I will like to read it when my English is upto the proficiency level.

metaphors, similes, alliteration (no ideal what those mean in literature.)

No, I wouldn't say that English literature is deteriorating. There's just a ton more of it to choose from--anyone with a decent sized wallet can publish their novel.

Moreover, I think bw2/3 is correct when he points to the changing desires of the book-reading audience. I might agree that popular literature is deteriotating. Fast-paced plots with cute love stories tend to become best-sellers (and then movies) whereas literary fiction with metaphors, similies, stylistic innovations, and deep meaning often sit on the shelf like unwanted treasures. But they're out there. I sometimes volunteer for the Image journal, which publishes all kinds of good stuff.

If you're looking for good contemporary authors, I'd recommend David James Duncan and Cormac McCarthy.

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are you sure that english literature cant deteriorate?
Anonymousare you sure that english literature cant deteriorate?

Can you tell us in history which period that English got deteriorated? I don't think it is now.
Besides my poor understanding of how Fitzgerald fits into English literature, I have diffuculties in understanding why and how someone who "does not read all that much" jumps into labeling something that he barely has any contac with, as detoriorating.
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I can help you out.
Metaphors are used when one phrase or image is substituted for another that has similar qualities. For example, "his ice were ice chips." The eyes in question aren't actually ICE, but we use this as a way of saying how blue they are, or how cold they are, just like ice is or can be.
Similes are the same thing, except they use "like" or "as." For example, "Her nose was as cute as a button."
Alliteration is using words that have the same beginning letter all in one sentence. "The sizzling bacon smelled so savory, it started to make my mouth water."
Not the best examples I can come up with, but you get the idea. Emotion: smile Good luck with the rest of your learning!