On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being most damage, please rate the following: devastate, ravage, destroy, damage

Following is an example I plan to use one of the words.

The cyclone-devastated/ravaged/destroyed/damaged country has been turned down financial assistance by the World Bank

Thanks in advance!
I would use devastated
I too think ravaged collocates well in the sentence.

However, to answer your question, when something is destroyed, it cannot be recovered. That would be a 10. Devastated has an emotional sense to it. It can or cannot have a physical element. It refers more to how the people affected by it feel.

Damage can range from almost nothing (it was slightly damaged) upward (it was severely damaged).

Ravaged is not as bad as destroyed, but it applies to a broader area. One building can be destroyed, or damaged. An area can be ravaged.
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The country has not been destroyed - it still exists, although buildings etc within will have been destroyed
The country has not been damaged (as an entity) but damage has been caused by the cyclone in the country
Ravaged is a possibility here
According to my dictionary, they are synonyms. Like any other words which the dictionary claims are synonyms, I believe they are differences here which is proven from your reply. Could you help me differentiate them, please?

Thanks in advance. And could you also rate them?
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Thanks, GG and Optilang!


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