diagramming sentences is so hard ! i don't even understand the point of even doing them...they are so confusing and there are no websites where u can type in a sentence and it will diagram it for you...it sucks !
- An angry student
Can someone tell me what "diagramming sentences" means?

This thread may be useful:
Diagramming sentences
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Can someone help me diagram the following two sentences? It's been years since I have done it and I'm making a point to someone who does not understand correct use of multiple gerunds. I started to get stuck:

“The score is really a sweepingly romantic orchestral piece with flashes of wry quirkiness. Dealing with love in music requires treading a fine line, letting the emotions really come through in the music, but never dousing it with ketchup.”
Not if you understand them> Its not that bad!! but yeah i dont see the point in having to do them>>>Lol
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Diagramming is hard. Can someone help me!

~sad student