Lois finds Clark kissing with another woman in the elevator.
Clark: You don't understand.
Lois: What's not to understand?! You were pullinga "9 1/2 weeks" the elevator.
I mean, it may not get you a membership in the mile-high club,
but, hey, you got to start somewhere.
Clark: Just calm down.
Lois: I am calm! I am perfectly calm! Why wouldn't I be calm?
Dial down the ego, (Stop showing off? Meaning he has a big ego?) Smallville.
I don't care what you do with your love life.
Yes, dial down...as in turning down the volume on a stereo.

BTW, 9 1/2 weeks is a film made famous for a love scene where the couple feeds fruit to each other...sensually.
Thanks, Vorpar!