what is the difference between dialogue and conversation?
A dialogue is a conversation between two people, but dialogue is the technical term for this kind of conversation in a work of fiction -- a novel or a play, for example. It may also be used to refer to words in general -- to contrast with other elements of an artistic work: Yes, I saw that movie. The scenery and the music were wonderful, but the dialogue was very unrealistic.

A conversation is more general. Several people can join in in a conversation. conversation refers to the ordinary everyday talking that you do with one or more friends.


A dialogue is perhaps regarded as more businesslike/political or for a play. (formal).
  • The leaders of the ANC and the Cape goverment entered into dialogue. (possibly to negotiate a treaty).
A conversation is more something you have with your teacher, account, about matters
that can be serious or slightly informal. The word conversation is not as informal as the word
'chat' or 'talk'.
  • I had a good conversation with my teacher. (maybe about your grades or future career).

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