Imagine that your school sports day was held last Saturday.You participated in one of the field events and won a gold medal in that event. Now write a diary entry describing how you took part in the event and your feelings on winning it. Write this Diary entry in not more than 50 words.

The problem was given to the boy who lives near my house.

I am aware about the "Diary Entry".

I want to knwo what is a "Diary Entry"? Are there some rules and format to write it?

In my experiene, you just write in the first person ("I") as though you were writing a letter to someone else, but you're really writing to yourself.

I want to know what is a "Diary Entry"? It's basically private writing that you do for yourself, because you like to do it. It also forms a record of your thoughts and feelings.

Are there some rules and format to write it? Not really. A traditional way to begin is to write to your diary as if it were a person. ie

Dear Diary,

. . . .

. . . .

Best wishes, Clive
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Diary entry is the thing that we do in our full day. We make a personaal diary for thesetypes off things

Dear diary
comment(how was ur day etc.)
what have u done full day ur future plan etc.
again a comment how was ur day realy
love XYZ or anything u canwrite
This is a wrong format.
Here's the right format:

Day Date


("Dear Diary" and giving the diary a name is redundant now and is not necessary)
Yes only some like start the entry with dear diary .
Say how the day went like 'Today was an interesting day.' or 'Today was a boring day.'
Then explain how the day went.
then should sign it of saying like 'Write to you tomorrow' or simply 'Bye'.
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7 September , 2012

9:00 PM

Dear Diary,
Do you know Diary that there is a school sports day? Do you know Diary which medal I won? I was very excited to know the result of 'taekwondo'. I was little bit nervoused and the emptiness of my hunger who had win the medal, the result announced that XYZ had won the gold medal and I there jumped in happiness and hurriely went to the stage for taking my medal.That was the happiest day of my life.

Good night Diary,