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On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, in alt.usage.english, Robert Bannister (Email Removed) writes
As I suggested to MEow, the best strategy is to adopt the linguist habits of your fellow players. If you ... you just as odd for using 'die', and there is just a chance that uneducated people wouldn't even understand you.

Kicking in late, as usual... As a gamer in the UK, I would not expect any of my friends to use singular "dice", but I am less sure about non-gamers.

Mark Browne
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People that think so are wrong. Since I don't agree with you, am I different with you?

Since people are more than just things, the entities referred to by your "People that" are either zero in number ... origin, therefore I'll continue to side with members of the English-speaking majority, all of whom say and write "people who".

You say people that say that are in the majority, but do you have evidence?

Rob Bannister
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Right or wrong, I think Aaron's observation is accurate for a lot of Australian usage. Except that we also sometimes use "to" instead of "from".