Her name is Linh who was borned in 1976 and her husband is Canh who was borned in 1972. They have 5 chidren in total. All off them are studying grade 6, 3 and two kindergarten children. The oldest daughter had dropped out of school when she was grade 11 because of difficult family circumstances. Currently, she is looking for a job to study and help others in the family. Mr. Canh's main job is to be a bricklayer in Thanh My (about 50km away from his house), he can work for about 15 days on average every month with 250,000 per day. Canh's income is only enough to cover family expenses and care for his children. About Linh, she mainly works at home and takes care of her children. The family has 2 acres of land.The family received 1 breeding cow from the state 5 years ago. The house was built by the family about 20 years ago, the cement pillar and the surrounding board, and the corrugated iron roof was also degraded. Land owned by families and areas without flooding. Mr Bay in the locality have 2 brothers and a parents' house, about 500m away from Mr. Bay's house, but the situation is also difficult to support much for the family.


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walk pen 237Her name is Linh

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