Hi all,

I want to buy an English dictionary. Can you please recommend one the following:

1. Oxford Advanced Learner's

2. Cambridge Advanced Learner's

3. Longman

4. Marriam-Webster

Thank u in advance
hi, I used Longman contemporary english dictionary and I think it's great, because:

  1. there is a CD, so you can install it in ur computer

  2. some words are clustered according to frenquency they were used in both speaking and writing, and it's really useful

  3. when you find a word, you can see not only meaning, but usages

  4. you can find similar words according to different meaning and comparison of them

  5. different pronunciations from british english and american english
Hopefully, it's useful to you.
I'd suggest Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner's if you want detailed explanations of usage

M-W if you want many terms
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Thank u all for ur valuable replies.