I would like a program, like Cambridge Advanced Learners' Dictionary that runs in Linux and has features like pronounciation, grammar, common mistakes etc.

If you can't think of one, does anyone knows if Cambridge Advanced Learners' Dictionary runs with wine?
Update on this issue.
In Linux, you have three options:
  1. Try to install and run a dictionary for Windows using Wine. This might not be easy, and there's probably no support online.
  2. Find a dictionary that runs on Linux: the only one I know supports Linux (or at least so they say) is Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. All the others only run on Windows, as far as I know. What a pity.
  3. You can use Stardict. With Stardict, you can use several dictionary at the same time, and get any definition you might want with a double click. Problems: you will have to add the dictionaries, and the best ones are copyrighted, so downloading and using them might be illegal in your country. Also, many won't work well or won't work at all, due to errors in the encoding.
  4. Fourth option: you only use the ones that are online. You'll always need a connection to the net though.
Hi Myle,
I heard someone managed to run some dictionaries like Merriam Webster using wine, but... installing it on a windows partition though, if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, I'm not sure how they would work... try searching the net for someone who succeeded.
You could get the major dictionaries as files for Stardict, for example but... when I tried it, I couldn't find the pronunciations in them, not even phonetic transcriptions... just the contents.
So it seems to me there are no good dictionaries for the penguin... and so what do I do? I use online dictionaries. All the best ones are available online and for free.

Lemme know... Emotion: smile
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Latest versions of wine are enough powerful to run Cambridge Advanced Learner Dictionary without any problem. I have tried in Fedora 10, it works fine. Just install dictionary using its setup through wine.

For other distros, I hope that will work as desire
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You could also check project [url=http://artha.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Home ]Artha[/url] about a 'native' dictionary.

Native as far as OS is concerned. In this context, I am not using the linguistic semantics of the word, which usually refers to people.

I will give a try to Cambridge Advanced Learners' Dictionary through wine though...
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Oxford Advanced learner's Dictionary 7th edition also runs well in Linux.
Hi you can use online Dictionary - MSN Encarta for all your needs, it is one of the best with Pronunciation. Even if you want to work in offline you have to install Virtualbox and then windows xp after that MSN Encarta. But it is the best of all and worth to do that.


Have a great day
there are so many excellent dictionaries online, which are also free of charge
& they also offer pronunciation
I strongly recommend
http://learnersdictionary.com /
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There are many good dictionaries here: http://onelook.com/