hey did u watch the goblet of fire?how was it?!!!!
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I did not watch the entire film,but a few clips.The three challenges have been picturised with great effort.
Here in Italy we'll can see it only from tomorrow... Emotion: crying
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i watched the film AGAIN AND AGAINNN!!!

ohhhh reallly amazing!!!

and cedric diggory is realllyyyy cooooolll!

krum tooo but he was cool and fool:)
I went to the cinema and saw the film this week... I must admit that it sucks... 800 pages summed up in 2 hours and the most important scenes were cut out...

Films never mirror books... Emotion: sad
make the movie as same as book if u can!!!!!
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Of course I can't, but it wouldn't have been unlikely that I made it better...
oh i watched too!!it was amazing!!i love them all of them!!oh harry harry!!Emotion: big smile
can i wacth it
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