1. Did you make this?

2. Did you made this?

Which one is correct and could someone explain the reason as well?

Thank you.
When you have a form of the verb "to do" (Did you...) the other verb takes the form of the "bare infinitive," the infinitive without the "to."

The infinitive is "to make" so you use "make."

"Did [a form of "to do"] you make [the bare infinitive] this?"

Does that make sense?
AnonymousWhat's this?
Two incorrect sentences. That's what it is. No space before the final punctuation mark, please. See corrections below.
AnonymousDid you made make a Jack o' Lantern with a pumpkin?
As shown above.
AnonymousDid you make a Jack o' Lantern with a pumpkin?
As shown above.

If you had read the posts on this thread, you would have known the correct form.

After "do", "does", or "did", use only the plain form of the verb. That's the form that's in the dictionary. (make)

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did you make this
did u make this is correct one because did is second form of verb in sentence we use only one 2nd form of verb
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What's this ? Did you made a Jack o' Lantern with a pumpkin ? or Did you make Jack o' Lantern with a pumpkin ?
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The correct one is the 1st. Did is already in past tense, and you cannot use another verb in past with Did.

in your sentence, the verb is make, so it's Did you make this?

if you say did you made this? It's totally incorrect because made is in past and so did.

I learned this rule with this:

do - did - donde

make - made - made

you take did, which is in the second column (past tense) and the verb in the first column (present tense)

hope you understood me!

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Did you made this yourself ?

Did you made make this yourself?

You need the base or infinitive form of the verb.

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