Dear members,

we are aware that some of you are not receiving an activation Email after registering on

Please make sure you check your bulk/spam folders first before registering again or writing in the Help forum.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Yahoo!, Hotmail and AOL are using overly strong spam-blocking filters that might stop you from receiving any emails from us. You might have to set up your spam filters to allow mails from the domain. Please also do this for gmail.

If you are still not able to register, please reply to this thread and tell us your user name, date of registration and which email provider you used so we can have a look.
(For example: MyNick - 07.02.09 - hotmail)

Thanks Emotion: smile
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Lucent - Don't remember the exact date. about 4 days ago -
Ok thanks, you should be able to log in now.
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Hi Punky,

On behalf of a person who tried to register as "Elan" can you check into that one? (There was a discussion in the Chat about this.)
Hey Barb,

Elan's account is activated. He asked about it here . Emotion: smile
Oh, okay! Thanks!
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jreyn2 - 7/23-25(?) Yahoo. No email anywhere, including in spam folder.

Thank you.

Email Removed" mce_href="mailto:Email Removed">Email Removed
Hey jreyn2, I've approved your account so it should be fine now.
Hi, I haven't recieved an activation email. I registered quite a long time ago - about two months - under the name of: oliverdowning; I use hotmail and have checked my junk box but haven't been able to find anything there.
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