Hi, teachers

I should ask this question to my english class teacher, but I just missed it. I won't have a chance to ask her anymore. She is leaving the school to university for her Master study. Luckly, I can ask on this forum.

We talked about how cold the winter weather was in Shanghai when she was in there. I said " you didn't prepare for that". She replied me " I wasn't prepare for that." ...

Why did she use wasn't?

Thanks in advance!

Actually, what she said was “I was not prepared for it”

To be prepared for => To be ready for

She was not prepared for the cold weather in Shanghai. Maybe she didn't think Shanghai could have been that cold at the time she was there, and so she didn't bring enough winter or warm clothes with her.

And your question should have been rephrased as "You weren't prepared for that, were you?"

Thanks! I got it!