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Hi I think she is saying that she will not surrender her love by giving up. Basically she would rather sink with the ship than give up. She is going down fighting.
A DJ here in Vegas played "White Flag" and said she wrote it about her ex-boyfriend who is a famous athlete, I called him and ask who it was and he didn't know he was just reading notes he had, so I am curious...does anybody know who the mystery man is?
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He's not an athlete he's a lawyer called Bob Page and they've just got back together.
Wow thanks for that Emotion: wink guest!
I like the line "I'm in love and always will be" how optimistic and determined !!
The song "White Flag" is a Johnny Toobad mix (re-mix) that was recorded by the original song writer Kris Williamson in the early 70's. The Velvet Underground also recorded it with little success in the mid 70's. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Williamson indicated that the song was written in an attempt to win back an ex-lover that Williamson had seriously mis-treated. She indicated that she finally realized that she had thrown away the one true love of her life, but would not give up on love as being a driving force in her life. She never did get back together with her ex-lover.

Going down with the ship was her reference to always remaining in love, but realizing that if she could not have the object of her love, she would find another. Just not the same, or as fulfilling (Her words.)
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It's so nice to know that there are such romantic people in this forum! I love the above post. I wonder what the object of her love was.
Oh now I see it's not .. . but dido. Sorry.Emotion: smile
I'm in love with this song. Usually, I never really liked Dido, I bought her first CD, and there were a couple good songs on it, but this song is so great. I bought the CD and I really, really, enjoy listening to it. It's one of those CD's that you can just let it play, and enjoy hearing every song that comes on. I could really relate to this song because it was how I was feeling about a month ago. I LOVE IT!Emotion: smile
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Here is what I think,
The singer is totally committed to what there idea of the LOVE that was shared was, and while they realize that it is DONE, they will not cheapen it by trying to remake it or rehabilitate the relationship. The love that they felt in the relationship and the person that was in that love and relationship is gone. That is what I felt, or concluded, originally the song almost sounds like surrender, but the lyrics deny it so you kind of wonder, to then you just don't know,
I just like it allot
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