I am just the beginner.

Could anyone explain me the difference between "Idioms and phrasal verbs"
Some phrasal verbs are idioms (She makes up every morning), and some are not (He brought back my book). Some idioms are phrasal verbs (My dad chewed me out), but most are not (Tell me the news-- I'm all ears).
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As I understand it,

Phrasal verbs are a type of idioms that consist of a verb and a preposition (particle) and cannot be understood from the individual words and must be understood as a whole.

e.g. to get high on drugs (phrasal verb: to get high)
to run up a bill ( pv: to run up)
to mark down prices (pv: to mark down)
to run down someones singing ability (pv: run down)
to get up to something of no good (pv:to get up to)
to knock up a girl (to knock up)

Idioms that a not phrasal verbs are longer exspessions or phrases whose meaning cannot be infered by the meaning of individual words but in the expression taken as a whole.

e.g. He's going to paint the town red. (to paint the town red)
He has a frog in his throat. (to have a frog in the throat)
Who's calling the kettle black? (to call the kettle black)
I'm running on empty. (to run on empty)
He's one brick short a load. (to be one brick short a load)
You have eyes bigger than your stomach. (to have eyes bigger than one's stomach)
so it means that phrasal verb is a part of idiom???
yeah i kinda think so
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Write out the difference between idioms and phrasal verb