I am confused about usage of More and Much. Sometimes, I get confused about what to use "Much' or 'More"


I think compared to java PHP has more demand vs I think compared to java PHP has much demand.


People completed engineering have more chances of getting selected or People completed engineering have much chances of getting selected.

Is there any rule which helps to use Much or More correctly?

Please help me out.

much + non-count noun (a large amount of something)

much sugar; much milk; much wine; much butter; much sand

many + count noun (a large number of things)

many boys; many trucks; many rooms; many books


more + non-count / more + count (A larger amount or number of ...)

more sugar; more butter; more boys; more books


much and many say that the amount or number is great - not small.

more says that the amount of number is greater than another amount or number

when you make a comparison.


You can't have "much chances" because "chance" is a count noun.

In both of your sentences you are comparing one thing to another, so you need "more" in both cases.

In the last sentence : People completed egineering have much chances of getting selected" I would have used more instead of much.

Examples of using much: " Am I using to much power?

"Why is my car using so much gas?"

"Don't spend to much time on the internet!"

Examples of more:

"I need more money"

"Did you get more money?"

"More people are switching to our company."

Example of both:

"We don't have much more time!"

It's one of those things where you just use what sounds the most right.
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Thanks CJ. It really helped!