Hi Everyone... Could anyone tell me what is the main difference between American and British English? and Please Give me some Examples...
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Good morning,Zeeshan,

I'm Lily from China.Now,I have a problem need your help.I'll leave for school next year,so our teacher ask us to write research papers during a short time.But I don't know what to do about it.My research paper's topic is "the difference between british english and american ehglish".I can't find any more informations I need.Please help.Thank you so much!
i think you mean it the other way around, where i'm from in michigan fag means a homosexual. i've never heard anyone from america refer to a fag as a cigarette. EVER!
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Nevertheless, fag is also AmE slang (if perhaps dated) for cigarette.

Quick definitions (fag)
  • noun: offensive terms for an openly homosexual man
  • noun: finely ground tobacco wrapped in paper; for smoking

  • See the American Heritage Dictionary, for instance: 'NOUN: Slang A cigarette.'
    It's interesting that 24 hour clock is seen as 'un-British'. It's very common here in more formal situations. I wouldn't use it in speech but I've read plenty of 24hour transport timetables and filled out plenty of 24hour schedules and timesheets.
    1. Men's hairdressers are barbers in the UK too.

    2. The post/mail thing is a bit more complicated ... both terms are known and used in both countries, however:
    In America, the post brings your mail, whereas in the UK, the (royal) mail brings your post.

    3. Perambulator ... technically correct, but normally shorterned to "pram"
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    that's so wrong....

    In the U.S. fag or faggot means.. a homosexual. No one says "I'm gonna go smoke a fag" in the United States. They say "I'm gonna go smoke a cigarette." From what I've heard, in the UK fag means cigarette.
    Sorry, Anon-- I'm American and I say fag for cigarette: Got any fags? Of course, I am probably considerably older than you.
    Just to make a correction, anita has it reversed in her post, a fag or faggot is homosexuale in American English and is a lighter/cigarrette in British English.
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    American Says: How are you doing?
    British: How do you do?

    American: This stupid Car wont start!
    British: This Bloody Cahr wount start!
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