Hi Everyone... Could anyone tell me what is the main difference between American and British English? and Please Give me some Examples...
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hey dere,

actually there is a difference in the way they pronounce the word ando the grammer also....like for example

in american english dey write colour as "color"

but where as in british english they spell it as "colour".

an another example is that in british english they spell program as " programme"

where as in american english they spell it as "program"

i hope that u got the idea how american english is diffrent than british...Emotion: smile
I am stunned speechless by your erudition.
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What about 'fag' meaning a sheep-tick?

us that use the american english use slang with in our words of everyday life
Is this a case in point?
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hi, iam Egyptian student. we already learn Englis Bri during our study. but now we r confused because of we need to tested Teofl which is american E. if u have anthor differance please send me reply
why is it different?!

so a public school in america is considered as a private school in britian?
In the UK there are two kinds of schools: those funded by the government/state (state schools), and those funded by parents (independent schools, or private schools, or public schools). Public school is usually confined to describing a small number of long-established private schools such as Eton, Harrow, Rugby and Wellington
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There are many differences, you had use the form Hi, AE and GBE Hellow, on the weekend AE and GBE at the weekend, these are a few examples of the several differences
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