Would you please clarify the difference between following two sentences?

(1) I will get back you ASAP.

(2) I will get back to you ASAP.

Hello Rishonly

I'm not familiar with #1 – I would call it incorrect, in Standard English.

#2 is fine. It means "I will respond (to your message or phone call) as soon as possible".

Thanks for your feedback, MrPedantic. In American English,I was told , "get back you" has different meaning than "get back to you". So, I wanted to understand the meaning thoroughly.
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I've never heard "get back you" in American English. You might hear "I'll get you back," which would be a colloquial way of saying "I'll have my revenge on you." (You tricked me this time, but I'll get you back!) Or, of course, in a completely different context it could mean "I'll rescue you" or "I will regain your affection or your loyalty." (I know you're leaving me and running away with Mr. Pedantic because I am a drunken lout and he is a respected grammarian, but I'll get you back someday, I swear it!)
How about 'get back at you'?
How about 'get back at you'? I'll have my revenge on you. I'll repay you for the bad thing you have done to me.

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how about "be back at you" and " be back with you" which one is more correct??

how about "be back at you" and " be back with you" which one is more correct??

"be back at you" This is not really something you would be likely to say.

" be back with you" I'll be back with you in 5 minutes. This means I have to leave you, but I'll return in 5 minutes.