Right now i'm prepairing myself to pass the FCE, and I think I'm ready to make a serious attempt at it. I have one question though, I'm not sure about which exam I should do. My teacher says that the difference between FCE and CAE is really small, and I should be ready to pass the latter without many difficulties. Personally, I wouldn't like to go to an exam without the certainty that I will perform good enough to pass with, at least, a B grade. However, the next exam in the Cambridge ESOL center in my city is probably too soon to get myself well prepaired for CAE.

So, here it's my question. Is there really such a huge difference between both exams, or I should be able to pass CAE with ease, if I was prepaired during a few weeks?

Thanks in advance.
I think there is a considerable difference between the two exams. CAE is more professional and more difficult!
There is a huge difference between FCE and CAE. CAE is closer to CPE, not to FCE. That's for sure. I have taken all three exams...
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Hi I've just done fce and passed with an A, which is the equivalent to a C in cae. The difference isn't very big, but if you've prepared for fce, I suggest you to do that exam instead of the cae. You'll be more confident and you can always do the other one later. Moreover, the cae preparation is supposed to last for 2 years, but you could do it just in 1.

Hope it helped.

anonymous I suggest you to do that exam

My comment is not directly related to the question, but I feel that it is important, since it is addressed to someone who is preparing for exam:

I suggest that you do etc.

'I suggest you do' would have been the more appropriate correction as their mistake was the infinitive . 'That' is optional
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There is a lot of difference. If you are a school pupil, the difference is mainly that you probably do not have enough vocabulary and phrasal verbs/expressions, as well as 'wordly knowledge'! You have to be able to talk and write about the abstract and global issues, as well as understanding difficult readings and listenings. There is no CAE for schools. You must be fairly naturally fluent speaking, using intonation, rythym, etc., a good level of a variety of complex grammar and vocabulary. There is at least 120 hours of study between each level.

I hope this helps.

FCE --> B2 ~ High Intermediate

CAE --> C1 ~ Advanced

CPE --> C2 ~ Mastery

Most universities and employers require CAE (A or B). It equals IELTS band 7.5.