I think i have seen both of them but i can't remember in which situation. For example she talks alot in / at the calss? Thank you.
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'She talks a lot in class.'

'She talks a lot in the classroom.'

(Always capitalise I.)
nedaa difference between "in the class" and "at the class"? (Original post) I think i have seen both of them but i can't remember in which situation.
Use at when talking specifically about the location or a place.

The teacher asked me to meet her at the class tomorrow.
I am at the airport.(You may be at the outside of the airport or inside or even quite close to it also)

Use in when talking about the inside of an enclosed area, rather than the outer structure or the location.

I am in the airport. (You are inside the structure)
I wanted to meet him at that corner, but I found her in the mall.

Also note that these are usually interchangeable in most of the contexts.

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So I should say "she talks a lot in the classroom". Could you please give me an example for "at the class"?
The 'class' is either a lesson or the students assembled for it.

I can't think of any context in which I would write or say 'at the class'.

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I have an example.
What about the following sentence:

'I meet my friends at/on/in dance class.'

Which preposition is supposed to be used?

in dance class

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