hi! could you tell me whether there is any difference between them? thanks in advance
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(6o/c-ish) (7o/c-ish) (8o/c-ish)

Aha! it means the time of day! My guesses would have been the decade, the age of the diners or perhaps the temperature of the food. So the o/c stands for "o'clock"?
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Now I know why my US guests never turn up on time. (And indeed, why they always look a little flushed.)

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Why wouldn't it be spaced-- 6 o/c, instead of 6o/c

Cuz I was on the same crooked path as Khoff and Reme.
Look, it was last November, for Chrissake. Okay, so I did a lot of bad things in those days. But I was young. I was foolish. And I've paid my dues. I've posted in the Linguistics forum. Taken out a troll or two. Answered posts about modal verbs.

I'm not proud of what I did. But it was, what? one? two? three spaces? I've seen worse. Give me a break.


Give me a break.

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Hey! breakfast!
MrP , Thanx for all the clarifications.

Best regards,

MrPedanticInterestingly, the staff who serve 'lunch' at the schools that the children of No. 2s attend are nevertheless colloquially known as 'dinner ladies'.
Exactly the point I was going to make!

I remember the cartoon of a posh lady calling her son who was playing with another boy captioned: "It's time for your lunch and his dinner."

Whenever I was on holiday in the late 50's early 60's cafés and tea shops used to offer "high tea", which is tea (the meal) including something cooked, liked poached eggs on toast. Sort of half way between tea and supper (but not supper meaning dinner!).

The names of meals in the UK are very confusing as not only are the differences class based, but regional.
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I grew up in the country in Louisiana and it was breakfast, dinner and supper. That's was when families all ate at the same time. Now we dine out without the kids and call it dinner. Supper time is family time, again, where families are at the table at the same time.

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