Hey Friends i would like to know the exact difference between the "Effect" and "Affect" and "Raise" and "Rise". plzz explain indetail . its always a bit confusing. plzz some one help me.
sincerely urs
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Hi pieanne,

Yes. You need the whole thing.
Thanks, Julie!
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hi friend,
affect is a verb but effect is noun
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  • affect means 'to act upon or have an influence on'

  • If you affect something, you do to it.

  • effect means 'to bring about or create'

  • If you effect something, you cause it to be.

  • Advertising might affect the sales of cars (by causing them to increase), or it can effect sales (bring them about)

  • Keep in mind that usually if you want a noun, the word you want is effect, but if you want a verb, the word you want is affect.
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If something rise, that means that "something" goes up by itself.

For example, Sun rises. Sun can rise by itself. Although help it, it can rise.

But your hand can't rise. Because your hand goes up by you. You have to help your hand go up.

And, if something raise, that represent that "something" goes up by others. Something or someone help it go up.

Is it clear?
so help me

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Also, don't confuse "raise" with "raze" -- they sound alike (are "homophones" or, more popularly though less precisely, "homonyms") but have opposite meanings.

"to raise" something is to lift it up.

"to raze" something is to tear it down (usually referring to a building)

"Jesus answered and said to them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up." (John 2:19)

"The Roman soldiers razed the temple in 70 AD."

Anytime you want to learn something of English grammar, try doing a web search for (e.g.): difference between "effect" and "affect"

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