What's the difference between History and Story?
A story is usually a recounting of some sort; it could be true or based on fact. The short story is one of the genres of literature.

History is what has actually happened in the past; the reportings of it often vary greatly.
History is a true account of what happened in the past.

A story can be fictional (made-up, not true.)
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Story - might be true or false objective is to convey the message or to acheive something through the roles and characters actions

History - every past moment is history like your question
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Thank you Celso for such a great explanation.

I had a doubt now I don't.

Thanks again!

hi! Just want to ascertain whether a story may contain historical facts and documentary evidences?

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history is based on real facts while story con be based on story and fiction

They are good and understandable

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