Could anyone tell me, what is the difference between (home and house)?
User_garyCould anyone tell me, what is the difference between (home and house)?
There are a number of possibilities, but in general: "house" is a structure, usually made a residence for a single family; "home" is a concept, an idea denoting one's residence.

I'm going to his house. vs He stayed home yesterday.

[Home can also be used in place of house -- they have a lovely home.]

"Home is where the heart is."

My favorite is from Steinbeck: "Home is where, when you have nowhere else to go, they have to take you in."

Let me offer a very simple example.

This apartment is Tom's home. But an apartment is not a house.

Best wishes, Clive
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A HOUSE is a place where family members go to eat, wash and sleep. There is no interaction that forms the relationships necessary for a warm home life.

A HOME is a place where the families gather together and talk to each other, play together and enjoy fellowship between parents and children.
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A house is built by bricks whereas a home is built by hearts Emotion: smile
Emotion: big smile Then your heart = bricks