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Difference between do, go, play in sport??

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Difference between do, go, play in sport??

The things we say in this area are often quite idiomatic, so it very much depends on the sport and on the context. However, here a few very general comments.

Tom plays soccer. Use this form for organized team sports, for games.

Tom goes dancing. Use this form for speaking of an activity that is not a game.

Tom does soccer. This is less common. It sounds like we are describing Tom's schedule, eg every Friday morning at school he does biology and every Friday afternoon he does soccer. It still sounds a bit odd.

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hi Clive

thanks for you and your answer
well my friend as far as i know play is used for sports that have ball but we have exception like chess and bowling. for the first one we say play but the second one we say go.

for sports that end in ing we use go but not always like weight training, power lifting, body building

for these three we use do so for sports that we do alone like those i said and like karate, judo, aerobic.... we use do
I didn't get the last one
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